What are recruitment minutes?
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Participant recruitment in Ballpark is a service which allows you to find people from around the world to take your survey or test so you can get the answers you need within a couple of hours rather than days or weeks.

You have access to global pool of thousands of testers which you can filter using over 200 different attributes to find the perfect participants for your survey or test.

It works on the concept of hiring participants based on the amount of time you need them, in the form of minutes. We use the total minutes required as the currency for hiring.

For example, if you need 10 people to take your test, which will take 5 minutes, then that will be:

10 participants x 5 minutes = 50 minutes required

Why charge based on minutes rather than just the number of participants?

The logic behind this is that often you may only need to ask a participant a few survey questions rather than complete a long usability test. However, if we charged based on participants, the flat rate cost of completing a short survey would be expensive.

By using minutes, we give you full control and flexibility with hiring participants. It avoids wastage and means you can get answers to smaller studies like surveys, first-click tests, design preference tests and 5-second tests in an inexpensive way.

What if I already have testers? Can I use my own participants for free?

Yes! If you already know who your testers are, you can share a Ballpark link with as many people as you like for free.

Recruitment is an optional service to help you find participants for your service or test.

How many minutes are included in my plan?

Every plan includes a set amount of minutes included for free.

  • Free Plan - 10 minutes of recruitment

  • Starter Plan - 20 minutes of recruitment per month

  • Business Plan - 60 minutes of recruitment per month

How many minutes do I need for my survey or test?

The easiest way to find out how long you need for your test is to take it yourself using the preview button!

We've also listed some guidelines below to help estimate how long you may need, but generally speaking, surveys are quick to complete and tasks take longer.

It's possible to complete 2-3 multiple choice questions within 1 minute, whereas a prototype may take 5 minutes depending on the complexity.

We've also listed some guidelines below to help estimate how long you may need.




30-60 seconds

Multiple choice

10 seconds


10 seconds

Rating scale

10 seconds

Image preference test

30 seconds


10 seconds


10 seconds


10 seconds

Website task

3 minutes

5-second test

Max 20 seconds

First click

20 seconds

Prototype task

2-5 minutes

Prototype Free roam

2-5 minutes


30 seconds


20 seconds

I'm out of minutes. How much do additional minutes cost?

You can buy additional minutes on the Starter or Business plans.

Additional minutes cost $1 and can be added to your plan by contacting us!

Note: The minimum order is 250 minutes ($250)

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