Getting started with recruitment
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It's completely free to send your Ballpark link to your own users and participants - but what if you don't have any?

That's where our recruitment service comes in - you can hire testers to take your survey or test directly inside your projects and get responses back within hours.

Click the Recruit tab in any project to get started.

Here's how to get started:

1) Give your study a name and description

The information you add here will be shown to participants prior to them picking your study and gives them a sense of what to expect.

That includes whether you will be asking them to test a prototype, record video feedback or put deep thought into a particular subject.

If you require participants to use their mobile devices, please write that explicitly in their descriptions.

We've written a guide on how to write a great description.

2) Select device preferences

If you would prefer participants use a specific device when taking your survey or test, you can select between mobile, desktop and tablet.

Note: Based on the availability of the participants and pool size, it may not always be possible for participants to take the test on the selected device.

3) Select filters

You can filter the pool of participants using over 250 attributes, including shopping habits, lifestyle, health and work.

Each category in this section contains several filters which have pre-set options, simply click into any field and select from the options.

Once you select a filter, you'll notice the pool size change and confirmation of the selection under Filters selected.

4) Select how many participants you need and for how long

Now you have your perfect pool of participants, you need to select how many people you need and the length of time you need them to test.

This calculates the number of minutes you need to launch your study.

The best way to understand how much time you need is to preview your test and take it yourself.

For example, if you need 10 people to take your test, which will take 5 minutes, then that will be:

10 participants x 5 minutes = 50 minutes required

How many minutes are included in my plan?

Every plan includes a set amount of minutes included for free.

  • Free Plan- 10 minutes of recruitment

  • Starter Plan- 20 minutes of recruitment per month

  • Business Plan- 60 minutes of recruitment per month

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