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A guide to creating and launching your first survey or test in Ballpark
A guide to creating and launching your first survey or test in Ballpark
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First of all, what is Ballpark?

Ballpark is a super simple platform to create surveys, tasks and usability tests to help teams who need to validate ideas, designs, prototypes and get a deeper understanding of users and markets.

The best thing about Ballpark is that you can include video instructions in any of your questions or tasks, plus you can record your participant's webcam and screen, giving you a way to make research more personal, enhancing the quality of feedback you get.

How you can use Ballpark:

  • Testing wireframes, designs and prototypes using tasks to find out what flows get the best results

  • Test marketing copy including landing pages, taglines and banners

  • Sending surveys to measure things like NPS or Product-Market fit or any other type of questionnaire

  • Create guided onboarding surveys using pre-recorded video

  • Record exactly how your participants react to questions, designs and tasks with webcam and screen recording

Creating your first Ballpark

  1. Go to your dashboard

  2. Enter a name for your project

  3. Click Add step then select to add questions and tasks

  4. Once added, you can click on the title or description to edit the question or task

  5. Depending on the step you've added, you may have additional functionality like uploading images, adding prototypes and more. Those are covered separately here.

  6. Click Preview to check how it looks before sharing

  7. Once you are finished, click Share

  8. Paste your share link in emails, messaging apps and social media to begin gathering responses

Adding video guides to questions and tasks

Video guides enable you to add your own pre-recorded video to help participants provide high-quality answers, making it easier to provide context and improve motivation.

Scale to hundreds or even thousands of participants with a single test and get rich, detailed feedback without needing to be there in person.

  1. Go any project

  2. Click the Add video guide button on any step

  3. When prompted to allow camera and microphone access, click Allow

  4. Click Start recording

  5. Record your instructions

  6. Click Stop recording

  7. Review your video by clicking Play

  8. Once you are happy, click Add to step

Recording your participant's webcam and screen whilst they complete questions and tasks

Ballpark has full video and audio recording capabilities meaning that participants can provide additional context to their answers, plus you get to see exactly what they see and their reactions along the way.

You can also enable screen recording, allowing you to view any question or task through the eyes of the participant.

There are no plugins or installs needed, everything works directly in the browser!

  1. Go any project

  2. Click Add step

  3. Click Prototype Task

  4. Click Participant Media

  5. Record your instructions

  6. Click Stop recording

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