How to add questions and tasks
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Ballpark gives you the ability to create surveys or tasks, giving you unlimited possibilities in how you construct your project.

You can do everything from testing Figma prototypes to create an onboarding survey, all powered by video.

It's super simple to get started with adding your questions and tasks, here's how:

How to add questions and tasks

  1. Go to your dashboard

  2. Enter a name for your project

  3. Click Add step then select to add questions and tasks

  4. Once added, you can click on the title or description to edit the question or task

  5. Depending on the step you've added, you may have additional functionality like uploading images, adding prototypes and more. Those are covered separately here.

  6. Click Preview to check how it looks before sharing

You can then reordered your steps by clicking and dragging them into position.

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