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How to record participants webcam, audio and screen
How to record participants webcam, audio and screen
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Ballpark has full video and audio recording capabilities meaning that participants can provide additional context to their answers, plus you get to see exactly what they see and their reactions along the way.

There are no plugins or installs needed, everything works directly in the browser!

The benefits of video and audio recording:

  • Record participants using Figma prototypes and live websites and see exactly what they did

  • Ask participants to verbalise thoughts and capture audio feedback

  • Conduct remote asynchronous audience interviews

  • Ballpark streams video in real-time, meaning that even if the participant gets cut off, you'll be able to playback video

Tips and tricks when recording video:

  • Naturally, asking participants to record themselves leads to a significantly higher drop-off rate. However, in our experience, this is often the result of a lack of awareness by the participant that they'll be asked to record a video. To avoid this, make sure you double down on priming them both before sending them your Ballpark link and informing them again on your welcome step.

  • If you want people to speak out loud when thinking, make sure to put that into your title and/or description so they know! Use emojis to catch their attention 🎤!

How to record the entire survey or test end-to-end:

This setting allows you to record participants from the very beginning of your test. It's great for recording reactions to multiple prototypes or UX tasks, or simply asking people to speak into the camera to give thoughts through the various questions.

  1. Go to any project

  2. Click Record in the left sidebar

  3. Select whether you want to record webcam, microphone and screen

  4. A new step will appear on the sidebar called Recording permissions

  5. Open this step to customise the message shown to participants

How to record the video and audio on prototype and website testing steps

If you only need to record participants using a prototype or website, then you can choose to request permission to record those specific steps.

  1. Go to any project

  2. Click Add step

  3. Click Prototype Task or Website task

  4. Click Record video

  5. Select whether you want to record webcam, microphone and screen

Recording with mobile devices:

You are able to record Ballpark participants completing tests on mobile devices. Due to the recording functionality available in mobile browsers, there are some things to note when testing:

  • iOS and Android do not support screen recording in their mobile browsers. In these cases, we will simulate prototype screens based on events data available from Figma.

  • Due to mobile device privacy restrictions, the webcam will be paused while a user completes website tasks in another tab.

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