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Getting different types of user feedback is important when building a new product. With Ballpark, your team can create projects with a variety of steps that help you collect and collate rich quantitative and qualitative feedback from your users.

Plan and User Requirements

User Roles: Team members with “Can edit” permissions 

Plans: All

Within each step, testers can add a video guide and mark a step as ‘required’ if you need your participants to answer them to progress through the rest of the survey. A video guide is a video created by the tester to give the participants some additional context about the questions asked. Testers can also choose to only record an audio guide if they wish.

Below is a list of steps that you can currently add to all of your projects!

Welcome screen


This is the screen that sets the scene and is the first screen that your test participants see. Here, you can add a title, and a description to give your participants more insight into the questions they’ll be asked. Along with the goodbye screen, where you could add follow-up information. This is added to your project by default for you to then customise. 



Some questions might need an introduction or some extra context to make sure that they answer as best as they can. Adding an instruction step is also good for separating questions if there are different themes throughout the test.


Yes or no

This is a step where you can ask your participants a question, and give them the opportunity to answer either “Yes” or “No”. When they see this question, they can only click on one of the “Yes” or “No” buttons.



Here, you can ask your participants a question that requires a text response. This is useful for gathering rich and subjective information from your participants that you might not get from other sources.


Multiple choice

Here you can ask your participants which of the following options apply to the statement or question that was put to them. By default, there are 2 choices available, but you can click on the ‘Add new choice’ button to add as many additional choices as you’d like!


Image preference test

This is an example of what could be used as an A/B test, where a participant picks their favourite image of the selection you’ve given them. When you’re creating this, you can upload a PNG, JPG, or GIF file that’s 15MB or less. Once one image is uploaded, you’re given the option to upload another image.


Rating scale

With this step, you can see participants’ opinions on something within a range that you defined earlier. This is useful for seeing if a participant agrees, disagrees, or feels strongly about a statement, or to see what score out of 10 they’d give to a statement.


Collect email addresses from participants with this step.


Collect contact numbers from participants with this step.


Collect dates from participants with this step.

5 second test

Test information recall with this step. This step will display an image for a few seconds to find out how much of the image participants remember. Participants will be asked to click Reveal image when they are ready.

First click

Test where participants click first after reviewing an image. This test will end after the participant's first click. Participants will be asked to take their time to review the image and instructions before clicking.


Prototype task

If you’ve created a prototype with Marvel or Figma, you can test those in Ballpark! With a prototype task, you also have the ability to record the participant through their camera and their screen. This is useful as you can see their reaction to the prototype and gives them the opportunity to add additional context that you wouldn’t normally see.

Prototype free roam

Participants will be able to roam a prototype in Marvel or Figma freely. You can have the ability to record the participant through their camera and screen.

Tagline copy test

Participants can choose between their favourite tagline.

Legal question

Participants can choose to accept or decline a legal statement.


Goodbye screen

This is the screen that confirms to the user that the survey is over. It’s a great screen for thanking the participants and giving them additional details about your team in case they’d like to reach out in the future.  This is added to your project by default for you to then customise. 



If you need any help with this, please contact the Support team by dropping a line to help@ballparkhq.com as we’d be happy to answer any questions as soon as possible!


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