Participants' Personal Data
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Demographic screening

When using our recruitment feature to source participants for your project, you may choose from pre-screening criteria so that participants with certain basic demographic characteristics complete the test.

Basic demographic screening data wouldn't be enough to identify a participant on its own, but is still considered to be Personal data, because combined with other data it might be used to identify an individual.

Handling Personal Data

You must not attempt to identify your participant testers. More information on this can be found in the article Can I ask participants for their personal information?

You will be the data controller when handling any personal data collected during a study, such as video or audio recordings, or if your participant volunteers any information while participating in your test that could identify them.

You must comply with all Applicable Data Protection Laws relating to the protection of Personal Data which apply to your business.

Consent forms, privacy notices or legal terms

As the data controller, you must provide your participant testers with or direct them to a privacy notice or equivalent legal document meeting the requirements of applicable law in your territory, telling them what data you might receive, what you will do with it, where it goes, and how long you keep it.

Within your Ballpark project, you can use the Legal Question step to add a consent form, privacy notice or legal terms to your study.

Where you do not have any particular documentation in place to cover your relationship with your testers, you are permitted to rely on Ballpark's Privacy and Cookie policy, but with you, the user of Testing Services, rather than Ballpark being deemed the data controller

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