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How to downgrade / cancel your plan
How to downgrade / cancel your plan
Updated over a week ago

If you no longer need your Ballpark account, you can downgrade your account to the free plan.

  1. Hover over your avatar on the bottom left corner of your dashboard

  2. Click on My Account

  3. Click on the Billing

  4. Click on Change plan

  5. Select the free plan to downgrade to the free plan or another option to switch plans

Warning: Once you switch to your free plan, any projects over the free or starter plan limit will be made inactive immediately.

What happens to my account and projects when I downgrade?

Once you downgrade, you will be limited to 1 project. That means all other projects are made inactive as well as other links and services:

  • Your share links will become inactive. That means anyone trying to access your survey or test will see an error.

  • Any collaborators you have added to Ballpark will no longer have access to projects.

  • Responses will no longer be accessible.

Your projects are never deleted, so everything is kept safe should you need to upgrade again in the future.

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