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Can I ask participants for their personal information?
Can I ask participants for their personal information?
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At Ballpark, participant testers may be known or unknown to you. Known participants could be members of your own team, your customer base, or anyone you individually invite to participate.

Where the participants are unknown to you, and sourced using our recruitment feature, we take privacy and the maintenance of participant anonymity seriously.

Personally identifiable data

You must not attempt to identify participants, or collect any data that could allow a member of your team to personally identify them through a data search. Personal data that you must not ask for as part of your research includes:

  • First name/ Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Full post code

  • Phone number

  • Email address

Video & audio recordings

You can choose to make video / audio a requirement of your test, however the control always lies with the participant tester. They may choose not to proceed with the test if this is a required step.

Video and audio recordings would be considered Personal data, and if you will be collecting that from your participants, it is important to bear in mind your obligations as the data controller.

More information can be found in the article Personal data - who is responsible for it?

Your obligations when collecting data

You must comply with all Applicable Data Protection Laws relating to the protection of Personal Data which apply to your business.

Within your Ballpark project, you can use the Legal Question step to add a consent form, privacy notice or legal terms to your study.

Where you do not have any particular documentation in place to cover your relationship with your testers, you are permitted to rely on Ballpark's Privacy and Cookie policy, but with you, the user of Testing Services, rather than Ballpark being deemed the data controller

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