How to use video guides
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Video guides enable you to add your own pre-recorded video to help participants provide high-quality answers, making it easier to provide context and improve motivation.

Scale to hundreds or even thousands of participants with a single test and get rich, detailed feedback without needing to be there in person.

The benefits of using video guides

  • Get better quality responses by giving participants more context to questions and tasks

  • Make your unmoderated research feel more human and in-person

  • Talk participants through your designs and prototypes

  • Onboard users to new features

How to add a video guide

  1. Go any project

  2. Click the Add video guide button on any step

  3. When prompted to allow camera and microphone access, click Allow

  4. Click Start recording

  5. Record your instructions

  6. Click Stop recording

  7. Review your video by clicking Play

  8. Once you are happy, click Add to step

How to delete a video guide

  1. Click Edit video guide

  2. Click Remove

  3. Alternatively, hover over the video and click the X button

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