Adding screener questions
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Screeners enable you to ask your participants questions before they can reach your test. This ensures that only people with the right experience and attributes are able to take part in your research.

Ballpark's recruitment panel already lets you filter the pool of participants using over 250 attributes, when combined with screeners you can target even more deeply.

Screeners are available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Screeners allow you to ask up to 5 multiple choice questions before a user can reach the welcome step and become a recorded participant in your project.


After answering each of screener questions, the user will either proceed to the next step or be declined. Once a user is declined, they are routed to the decline step, which advises that they aren't the right fit for your research.

Adding screeners to your Ballpark project

  1. On the left-hand sidebar, press Add step and scroll down to select Screeners

  2. There will be a new section at the top of the sidebar with an Introduction step, a blank Screener question and a Declined step

  3. Enter your screener question and a minimum of two choices

  4. At the right of each choice option, choose how you would like the participant to proceed

  5. You can toggle on multiple selection via the Options button on the step

  6. Either duplicate the screener step or press Add step to add up to 5 total screener steps

Note: You are able to edit the wording on the Introduction and Declined steps. But it's important not to share any information that might influence how the participant answers your screener questions.

Single selection screener questions:

When the participant can only choose one option, they can either be accepted or declined.

Multiple selection screener questions:

Screener questions where the user can choose multiple options, then there are three screening options:

  • Required: If set, the participant must choose this option in order to proceed

  • Can select: This option will not prevent the participant from proceeding unless there is another option that is 'required' but not selected.

  • Decline: The participant will be rejected from taking part in your test, irrespective of any other options they selected.

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