How to manually update your Figma or Marvel prototype in your task

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When you add a prototype to Ballpark, we take a snapshot and store it based on exactly how it looked when you added the link.

This prevents any design updates from happening halfway through your test and potentially corrupting your results including any weirdness on heatmaps and statistics.

The snapshot also means you can do use the various versions for A/B and preference testing.

However, if you do update the design and want to refresh the prototype, you can simply re-add it to the step to generate the latest version.


How to update your prototype

  1. Go to your project
  2. Go to your prototype step containing the Marvel or Figma prototype
  3. Click Change prototype
  4. Paste in the prototype share link again
  5. Click Add prototype
  6. Select the start and goal screen again (we're working on making this whole process a button click!)

Your prototype will now be updated to the latest version.

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