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How to add a Figma prototype share link to your test or survey
How to add a Figma prototype share link to your test or survey
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Ballpark supports the popular design tool Figma, which can turn your designs into interactive prototypes, ready to test with your participants!

As your participants test your prototype, Ballpark tracks clicks, misclicks, goals and much more to give you deep insights into how your designs perform.

Before you get started, check out our handy tips for working with (large) Figma files to avoid any pitfalls!

The different ways to test your prototype

Prototype tasks: If you want to track how many participants complete a goal on your prototype, then pick the Prototype task step.

Prototype free roam: If you are testing a single screen such as a single landing page, style-guide or components which do not have a specific goal, then select the Prototype free roam.

How to test Figma prototypes

  1. Go to Figma

  2. Select the file you want to test

  3. Click the Play button on the top right-hand corner

  4. Click Share prototype

  5. IMPORTANT: Change the link access to Anyone with the link

  6. Click Copy link

  7. Go to Ballpark

  8. Select any project

  9. Click Add step

  10. Select Prototype task or Prototype free roam for single screens

  11. Paste your Figma prototype share link into the Prototype URL field

    1. You can paste links to a flow and we'll only show screens and components within that flow

  12. Click Add prototype

  13. Select a start screen by clicking on the first thumbnail

  14. Select a goal screen or component state by clicking on Pick a goal screen

You are now ready to share with participants!

⚠️ Important: Once your project receive responses, changes to your prototype can cause inaccurate prototype statistics. In particular, these changes impact paths, heatmaps, and prototype replays. Learn more

New: Interactive Component support

You can now select an interactive component state as the goal in your task! This opens up the door to endless possibilities when testing designs, prototypes, design systems and components.

When selecting a goal, interactive components with different states will show in the components tab:

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