How to add or remove collaborators on a project

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Once you've invited users to your workspace, you can then start adding them to projects.

Adding someone to a project will give them access to either edit or view based on their role or permission.


Benefits of adding users to projects

  • Once invited, the project will become part of their 'My Projects' dashboard, giving them quick access. This also works well for any clients, stakeholders who may not be involved in a lot of projects and just want to only see the projects they need.
  • Email notifications when new responses are submitted, allowing everyone to keep up to date
  • Filter projects by who created them by using @ in the project search bar


How to add users to specific projects

  1. Select any project
  2. Click on the + button in the top navigation
  3. Search for the user you want to add by name
  4. Click Team
  5. Click Invite
  6. Enter one or multiple email addresses (using commas)
  7. Select their role and permission
  8. Click Invite person

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