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Restrict the devices that can take a test
Restrict the devices that can take a test
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You are able to restrict the types of device that a participant can use when taking part in your survey or test.

By default, all compatible devices will be able to take part in a study, but you can specify the type of device based on one or more of the below categories:

  • mobile

  • tablet

  • desktop

Once you have specified which devices that users can access the study from, they will be shown a message saying This test can only be accessed from [selected devices] and advises the user which types of devices they can try again from.

How to restrict the devices that can take a test

  1. Go to any project

  2. Click Settings (gear icon)

  3. Toggle off the device types that you want to block users from using

Note: Device restriction is available on Starter, Business and Enterprise plans.

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