Optimising your Figma and Marvel prototypes for testing

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One of the things that can really impact the conversion rate of your survey or test is the file size of your prototypes.

We've put together this guide for both Marvel and Figma prototypes to ensure your participants have a great, speedy experience when testing and generate the answers you need for your test.

Optimising your Figma prototypes to load faster and work better across devices


If you use Figma, you may not realise that when you open a prototype, you are also loading the entire file that powers it! That includes every component, frame, page and image.

That means your participants could be loading up to 1GB of content just to look at a prototype with a few screens.

If they are using an older or low-powered desktop or mobile device, then this can put a large amount of strain on the device memory and bandwidth. This leads to either long load times or timeouts and higher dropoff- which means fewer responses for you and a poor experience for them.

The best solution by far is to make a new Figma file and copy and paste only the frames you need for your prototype, then use that link instead. That prevents your participants from loading unnecessary content.


How to optimise:

  • Copy and paste only the frames you need to a new file and use that instead
  • Compress large images using free tools and plugins. See a list here.
  • Check whether Figma supports the devices your participants may use. View browser requirements.
  • Make sure your Figma file allows public view-access

Optimising your Marvel prototypes to load faster and work better across devices

Marvel prototypes use flat PNGs, JPGs and GIFs which are optimised to load quickly across devices. However, just like Figma, you need to take the size and quantity of the images into consideration.

If your prototype has 40 screens and each screen is 4Mb, your participant will be downloading 160Mb of data.

The best solution once again is to duplicate the Marvel project and remove any of the screens you don't need.

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