How do I change how Figma prototypes scale in Ballpark?

Ballpark CX
Ballpark CX
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Ballpark respects the scale settings in your Figma prototype and will import them once you embed the prototype.

Note: Ballpark stores a snapshot of your Figma prototype so it does not live update when you make changes to scale settings. After updating your Figma prototype, re-add the Share link to the step.

The different scale settings available in Figma:

  • 100% - Display at full size: Display the prototype based on the full size of the Frame. Depending on the Frame and the screen size, this may result in a cropped prototype..
  • Fit - Scale down to fit (Default): Shrink the prototype so that it fits within the viewer's screen dimensions.
  • Fill - Scale or up or down to fill: Scale the prototype so that it fills the entire display, on any screen size or resolution. Unlike Fit, Fill allows the prototype to be scaled up to fill larger screens.
  • Width - Scale down to fit width: Scale the prototype so the width fits within the viewer's screen dimensions. This option is only available if you are using a custom Frame size and have no device selected

How to change the scale settings in Figma:

  1. Open the Figma file
  2. Click on the Play button
  3. Under Options, click on the scale setting you require.

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