Single Sign-On
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Single Sign-On (SSO), is where users who belong to a company can sign into services without needing to enter separate passwords for each service. They have a single login and password for all services.

This increases security for companies as it means you don't have multiple users with multiple passwords, with the potential vulnerability of passwords being weak or accounts being hacked.

Each user has a single login i.e. email address and password, that same email address and password is used for every service they login to. Eg [email protected] pw example123 may login to all the different services companyABC use, with the same set of login credentials.

Ballpark supports several Single Sign-On (SSO) services and SAML to help centralise authentication for IT requirements.

SSO allows employee access to Ballpark to be managed by your IT admin, meaning that as new people join your company/team, they can be automatically added to Ballpark.

Enterprise only:

This feature is only available on our enterprise plan. Enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organisation’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on enterprise.

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