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We believe that gathering research and insights should be democratised. The more people that can understand customers, the faster we can all solve problems.

That's why Ballpark comes with unlimited team members on every plan! There’s no limit on how many people you can add from your company, meaning every team gets a seat at the table and moves faster, together.


Benefits of inviting your team and stakeholders to Ballpark

  • Set different roles and permissions for users
  • Add multiple admins to manage your account
  • Centralised access for your entire company
  • Invite your product designers/team to create surveys and usability tests
  • Invite your team members to create or review projects and responses
  • Invite your clients and stakeholders as 'view-only' permissions to review responses and stats, including replaying video feedback
  • Invite researchers to analyse results
  • Filter projects by who created them by using @ in the project search bar


How to invite team members and stakeholders to Ballpark

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Click Team
  3. Click Invite
  4. Enter one or multiple email addresses (using commas)
  5. Select their role and permission
  6. Click Invite person

Invites will be sent to the email addresses where the user can then sign-up to Ballpark using a special link.


What do the different roles and permissions do in Ballpark?

Ballpark users can be given different levels of access to a workspace and its projects depending on their user type and permissions. The two types of users you can add to your workspace are Team Member or Contributor. 

These roles and permissions are designed to allow you to work with internal and external members and stakeholders.

Team Member is a user that can access all team projects on your workspace. Depending on their permissions, members can either be given the ability to edit projects and make changes to account settings or simply view them.

Guestson the other hand, are only able to view projects that they have been invited to and won't have access to the user directory, invites or settings. 

Here's how they breakdown:


Role Permission Can create and edit projects? Can view all workspace projects Can invite users to workspace? Can manage team settings, plan and users
Team member  Admin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Team member  Can edit Yes Yes Yes No
Team member View-only No Yes No No
Guest Can edit* Yes No No No
Guest View-only No No No No

* Available on the Enterprise plan


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