Security Policies
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Ballpark is a trading name of Marvel Prototyping Limited (a company incorporated in England under company number 08625398).

Ballpark maintains a comprehensive set of organisational security policies that must be agreed to by all employees annually.

All policies are reviewed and approved by management annually. Employees who violate any policies may face disciplinary consequences in proportion to their violation.

Policies are maintained on the following topics:

  • Backup Policy

  • Business Continuity Policy

  • Change Management Policy

  • Data Management Policy

  • Data Protection Policy

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Document Management Policy

  • Enterprise Customer Support Policy

  • Key Management Policy

  • Patch, Malware and Vulnerability Management Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Risk Management Policy

  • Secure Disposal of Equipment Policy

  • Security Policy

  • Subprocessor List

  • Supplier Evaluation and Management Procedure

A copy of these policies can be made available to Ballpark enterprise customers on request.

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