Vendor Management
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Ballpark relies on vendors to perform a number of services, most of which are vital for operations. Ballpark aims to manage its relationship with all vendors and manage the risk associated with engaging third parties to perform its necessary services.

Risk assessments

Ballpark conducts due diligence on an individual vendor's security, business practices, and legal commitments. Ballpark vendor management policy provides a framework for the evaluation, selection and monitoring of suppliers, and managing the lifecycle of supplier relationships.

Data subprocessors

Ballpark utilises some vendors as data subprocessors to provide Ballpark services. Ballpark takes a risk-based approach to selecting data subprocessors based on the security and business practices of these vendors. To minimise our risk and the risk to our customers, we aim to utilise as few data subprocessors as possible to provide the Ballpark services.

Ballpark’s data subprocessors are listed at Data Subprocessors.

Additional information

Further information can be found in the Supplier Evaluation and Management Procedure.

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