Disaster Recovery
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The objective of Ballpark's disaster recovery plan is to:

  • mobilise a core group of leaders to assess any critical interruption to the service

  • set technical priorities for the team during the recovery period

  • minimise the impact of the disruption to the impacted features and business groups

  • stage the restoration of operations to full processing capabilities

  • enable rollback operations once the disruption has been resolved if determined appropriate by the recovery team

The plan will provide guidelines to:

  • determine activation parameters for execution of plan

  • response flow for the recovery

  • recovery procedures

  • business Resumption Plans and Technical dependencies

  • rollback Procedures to return to standard operating state

  • checklists for use in escalation, incident management and plan activation

Within the recovery procedures there are significant dependencies between supporting technical groups within and outside Ballpark. This plan is designed to identify the steps that are expected to coordinate with other groups / vendors to enable their own recovery. This plan is not intended to outline all the steps or recovery procedures that other departments need to take in the event of a disruption, or in the recovery from a disruption.

Disaster Recovery Procedures

A disaster recovery event can be broken into three phases, the response, resumption, and the restoration. These phases are also managed in parallel with defined support and customer facing procedures to notify and communicate to users any disruption or troubles to the service.

Response Phase

The immediate actions following a significant event:

  • On call personnel paged

  • Decision made around recovery strategy to be taken.

  • Affected customers notified over various communication sources

  • Full recovery team identified

Restoration/Recovery Phase

Activities necessary to recover services after team has been notified. Each recovery procedure will also include rollback steps in the event that it is determined whether fallback to the original Data Center:

  • Recovery procedures implemented

  • Continued communication to customers at one hour intervals

  • Coordination with other departments executed as needed

  • Continued updates and communications between departments leads at hourly intervals

Restoration Phase

Tasks taken to restore service to previous levels:

  • Rollback procedures implemented

  • Operations restored

  • Customers and appropriate stakeholders notified

Data Center Recovery

During the response phase the specific recovery procedure for the Data Center should be identified. As a result one of the following procedures should be used in accordance with the problem

Additional Information

Further detailed information can be found in Ballpark's full Disaster Recovery Plan.

Revision History

Author: Kelsey Traher, COO

Date of change: May 2022

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Author: Brendan Moore, CTO

Date of change: Jun 2019

Summary of changes: Initial formalised policy document

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