High Availability
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Continuous monitoring

We have continuous monitoring, logging, and alerting in place that will automatically escalate any issues to dedicated on-call engineering no matter when it takes place.

Uptime and status

All updates regarding system uptime and status are posted to our status page. You can subscribe to be notified of updates affecting the status and uptime of the Ballpark service. Historical uptime and previous incidents can be viewed on this status page.

System maintenance

From time to time, Ballpark may undertake routine scheduled maintenance to perform required upgrades to our service.

Scheduled maintenance is infrequent and we will provide at least 5 days notice before undertaking any scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance notices are made available on our status page where you can subscribe to be notified of upcoming maintenance.

To minimise the affect of downtime during scheduled maintenance, we aim to perform maintenance during timeframes that are least likely to affect most customers.

Enterprise Customer Support

Our goal at Ballpark is to provide industry-leading Customer Support, and to go above and beyond to provide happy, polite and helpful responses and solutions at all times. We pride ourselves in the calibre and highly-trained standards of our team, most of whom are technically trained, and able to debug in HTML and CSS.

The Enterprise Customer Support Policy covers the high quality service we provide to any customer with a Ballpark Enterprise subscription.

Revision History

Author: Kelsey Traher, COO

Date of change: Jul 2022

Summary of changes: Initial policy document

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