Mobile prototype replay
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Mobile replay uses the events captured on your Figma prototypes to simulate where users tapped and the screens they visited. We have created this feature because screen recording is not currently supported by mobile browsers.

Combined with the webcam recording, mobile prototype replay lets you see a user's reactions and listen to their observations as they go through the prototype.

Mobile prototype replay is currently in beta: Please contact us if you would like access to this feature.

To access replays of responses taken on mobile devices, click the 'Prototype Recording' button located below free roam or prototype tasks on the response page:


We simulate events based on data available from Figma, so there are some interactions that might not be displayed in replay:

  • Scrolling and taps below the fold

  • Taps on interactive components and changes in component states

Note: Replays are available for mobile responses collected after May 3rd, 2023 using prototypes added to Ballpark since April 14th, 2023.

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